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The Importance of Before and After Staging Photos of Homes


One of the most crucial things that you must remember when staging your home is to avoid clutter. While a house may be vacant and unattractive,Del Aria Investments Group writes it may actually look better staged. If you have too much clutter, consider removing personal objects from the home and putting neutral furniture in its place.

Clearing out clutter

One of the most important steps to maximizing your home's appearance is to clear out clutter. You can do this by throwing out old magazines, organizing books neatly, organizing wires, and making the beds. De-cluttering your house before a real estate agent visits is also an important part of the staging process.

The staging process is more than just emptying out your cabinets and putting out a pretty display. It also includes de-cluttering your countertops and getting rid of visible trash cans. This is an effective way to create a fresh appearance in your house and attract potential buyers.

Clutter makes rooms look small and messy. By de-cluttering, you can make your home appear bigger to potential buyers. While the process might seem overwhelming, you can try several methods to make the process easier and faster. Plus, de-cluttering your home will make packing easier once the home sells.

Neutralizing your home

When you're staging your home, one of the first tasks is neutralizing your decor. While it might be tempting to paint everything white to make your home look its best, white walls are cold and don't give your home a finished look. Rather, neutralizing your home helps buyers envision themselves living in it.

Home staging is more than emptying your closets and removing your family photos. It involves a combination of real estate marketing and interior design, designed to make your home feel more inviting to potential buyers to buy the house. Neutralizing your home is the first step in this process, as it will make it appear more spacious and welcoming. The objective of neutralizing your home is to make it more appealing to potential buyers and make your flaws seem less noticeable.

Adding neutral furniture

It's important to add neutral furniture to before and after staging photos of homes, especially the master bedroom. This is the room most buyers will focus on when they tour your home. The National Association of Realtors reports that 83% of buyers give this room top priority. This room is used by both men and women, and should have neutral furnishings. For example, remove feminine or masculine bedding and accent pieces, and use neutral paint or wallpaper.

Another important tip when staging a house is keeping the colors neutral. Bright colors, while eye-catching, can turn off potential buyers. Instead, choose muted colors to emphasize the assets of the room. Keeping the color neutral will allow potential buyers to imagine themselves living after buying a home.

Taking professional photos

When taking photos of houses for selling through real estate listings, you need to highlight the features of the property and make the space look attractive. You can do this by straightening linens, shifting furniture, and minimizing personal belongings. Also, make sure to turn on lights and open blinds, if possible.

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of photography. To create an appealing photo of a house, make sure that all lights are on. If a room is too dark, consider buying an extra floor lamp. Remember, more light is always better, so you should turn on all interior and exterior lights.

Home photographers should send their clients a checklist that lists the rooms they will need to photograph. The list should include the main rooms of the house, such as the living room, dining room, and kitchen. They should also make sure to take photos of the master bedroom and bathroom. Other rooms that should be photographed include the library, office, and large walk-in closet.