5 Basic Plumbing Tools You Should Always Have in Your House to Stop a Leak

5 Basic Plumbing Tools You Should Always Have in Your House to Stop a Leak

A pipe wrench is an essential piece of equipment for homeowners. Its curved, serrated jaw-like protrusions are designed to tighten or loosen items in plumbing systems. Duct tape is a temporary solution for a leak and is hearty and water-resistant. A hose, plunger, and a bucket are also essential. You can use one of these tools to plug a leak while you wait for a 24 hour professional plumber.

A bucket is a very handy plumbing tool, as it can be used for many purposes, from identifying a leak to repairing a sink or toilet. A bucket can be overlooked when assessing a leak, but it’s a critical tool that should never be left at home. Its ability to prevent further damage is also a plus. It will allow you to identify the source of the leak and fix it until a plumber arrives.

A pipe wrench is another essential piece of plumbing equipment. These devices are designed to drive a cable through the pipes to free them of clogs. While these tools are not required, they are useful to have around the house in case of a leak. The main purpose of these devices is to remove clogs in pipes, and they can also be used to replace a pipe.

A drain snake is an excellent tool to keep in the house for tackling stubborn clogs. Its long reach makes it ideal for sink and shower clogs. It can also be used to clean soap scum and grease from a toilet. A drain snake is usually the best option for clogs in the bathroom. It can be very helpful in drain cleaning, so you should keep one nearby for a quick trip to the store.

A plunger is another very useful plumbing tool. It can be used in different situations – for example, it can stop a toilet from overflowing or prevent a clogged drain. A flange plunger is best for bathtubs and sinks, while a cup plunger is best for a toilet. A plunger also helps you to clear a clogged pipe quickly.

A plumber’s tape is a useful piece of plumbing equipment to keep on hand. It can seal small leaks, and it can also be used to seal large leaks. It’s also handy when trying to locate a clog. A piece of plumber’s tape can be used to fix leaks. It’s essential to have a roll of plumber’s tape in your home.

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