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Barbara D. Brown

Romanian escort girl

I have been travelling in Europe from the past few years and have made many friends over here. I like going to beach and spending time on bed with good wine.

Ann N. Terry

Mexican escort girl

My nympho behaviour has led me to explore my sexual life evermore with different men. My craving grows every time a date a man. I cannot help myself from wanting more from men. Surprisingly I love what I do.

Michelle Gary

Israle Erotic escort

I have always been proud of my body, but I did not get much attention from men earlier. Now I can flaunt my body and men die to grab me, and I like it. I want my man to be tough and rough on me. It turns me on.

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What To Do Before Seeing An Escort

The escort’s duty is to make you feel special for the time you pay them for. They will make sure that you will like their service if you have hired a high-class model from a good agency. While it is a part of their job to make their clients feel comfortable and satisfied, they choose to be extra friendly with their clients in case it is their first time or if they have anxiety and nervousness in meeting them. People often choose to back out at the very last moment as they do not know how to present themselves and what all things they will experience during the service. To ease you out about the unexplored world of escort services, here are the things which you can do before your paid date where you know that you will most probably get lucky by the end of it.

Preparing your room

Whether you called your escort to your home or booked a hotel room, make sure that space is neat and tidy. Keep the bathroom clean to not make her feel disgusted. Keep a few towels ready as you both will need it before and after you are done spending intimate moments with each other. Keep the best impression up forth for being clean, well-groomed and well-dressed. Have a good breath to have more confident while going for that initial kiss.

Welcome her

When she arrives, welcome her like a lady and be friendly with her rather behaving like a client. Make her comfortable by giving her a tour of the place. Give her time to relax and explore the place. Offer a beverage or a glass of water at least to be a gentleman. Make sure you give her the fees as soon as possible and avoid making her raise that question. Do not present messy wad of notes, it is always good manners to put the money in an envelope in a good business.  Do not try to get intimate with her before paying her fees, let her make sure that all money is paid and wait for her to approve your touch.

Hygiene and health check

Let the escort take a look at you body parts to know that you are clean and healthy. She will try to keep it fun and as less weird as she can, but it is something which needs to be done with every client to ensure healthy contact. So before you go for an escort to know that they cannot provide you with any intimacy unless your private parts are healthy and free from any STDs. If the escort asks you to get a shower even if you had it moments ago, do not hesitate to take another one. Make sure you both are fresh and clean before you indulge. Be confident from here on, and she will manage everything from here. Be a gentleman to respect her body and soul to have your self-respect when she leaves.